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Special consideration is given to finding and promoting wines with good quality and value, and wines offering new and unique experiences.

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We’ve put together some collections to help you find wines easily.

Israel Wine Discovery

Israel Wine Discovery

Discover the only-in-Israel wines to match and enhance the cuisine, atmosphere, climate, and culture of Israel.

Israel’s unique growing areas, wineries, and winemakers have something to offer that can only be found in wines like these.

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Seasonal Wines

Seasonal Wines

Wine suggestions change with the seasons and associated holidays.

You can find wines that are suited to the current climate and help you enjoy holidays meals and gatherings with friends and family.

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Explore Wines

Explore Wines

Get to know some new grape varieties, blends, styles, regions, and wineries.

These wines are selected with care to highlight characteristics so you can compare them and find new taste experiences to enjoy.

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About JLM Wines

JLMwines.com is our way to bring you quality wines in a convenient atmosphere. Wines are described with useful and accessible information you can use to choose wines you are likely to enjoy.

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By offering online shopping and delivery, we’re giving you the ability to keep the wines you enjoy on hand, save time and effort, and send wine as gifts to others.