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Easier Ways to Find Wine You'll Love

There is a lot of good wine available in Israel. We’ve made it our mission to:

  • Find the best quality and value wines in every category.
  • Make it easier for you to find wine to enjoy.

We’ve done the tasting, written the descriptions, and created the technology to access wines from several approaches.


How would you like to find your wine?

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Wine Suggestions

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The suggestions are organized by theme. You can include or exclude any wines in the bundle, and change the number of bottles for each wine.

Get Wine Suggestions Based on Food

Which of these best describes the food?


Soft cheeses, white fish, lightly seasoned poultry, and starches/pasta in a light sauce.


Salmon and similar fish, red meats, fattier foods and sauces, hard cheeses.


Heavily seasoned/spicy dishes, and foods with strong, more noticeable flavors.


Desserts and pastries, and any foods with sweet sauces, glazes, or sweet ingredients.

Pairing with foods.

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Wine to Harmonize or Contrast with the food?


Wines with flavors that reinforce and amplify those of the food.

(Congruent pairing)


Wines with flavors that create a balance of different tastes with those of the food.

(Complimentary pairing)

Pairing with foods.

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Browse Suggestions
Browse Suggestions
Browse Suggestions
After clicking, you can continue to filter and sort the suggestions as you please.

Start with a Familiar Wine

A link to similar wines appears with wine details.

JLM Wines Home - wines like 02

It’s easy:

  1. Use the search tool to find a wine you like.
  2. Use the link to see more wines you may enjoy.

Search here, or at the top of any page.


Click to see how wines are matched

When tasting dry wines, we assign levels from 1 to 5 for these factors:

  • Intensity – how concentrated the flavors are (compare latte and espresso – same taste, different intensity).
  • Complexity – How many elements are present? (Compare pizza plain or with many toppings – fewer or more tastes at one time).
  • Acidity – How tart is the wine? (Compare oranges and lemons – acidity adds sharp, refreshing elements).

Dry red wine details show intensity and complexity. Dry white wine details also show complexity, but replace intensity with acidity.

When you like a pariticular wine, these factors can be used to discover wines with similar characteristics.

We made it easy, by including a link. You don’t need to understand why you enjoy a wine to find more wines to enjoy.

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JLM Wines Home - wine like dry white desktop

If you enjoy a white wine with certain complexity and acidity levels, you may enjoy similar wines.

Just click the link on a dry white wine to see wines with similar complexity and acidity.

Use the search tool here or at the top of the screen to find a wine, or browse the catalog.

Search Here

Find Wines by Context

Your choices here about the food, people, and timing will guide the suggestions to bolder or subtler wines to suit the setting.
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Your choices here about the season and time of day will help refine the wine suggestions.
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Click an option below to continue.
Click an option below to see the wine suggestions. You can further refine the results with food pairing, price, and other options.
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Meal with casual wine drinkers.

Meal with wine lovers.

Light foods with wine enthusiasts.

Light foods with casual wine drinkers.

Spring Day

Spring Evening

Summer Day

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Autumn Day

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Winter Day

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You will be able to sort and filter the suggestions. For example, you can choose food pairing to further refine the list, and sort by popularity or price.

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Send a Gift in Israel

Any wines we offer, delivered throughout Israel, in gift packaging, with a corkscrew and your personal message

1. Choose Wines

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2. Identify the Recipient

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3. Add a Personal Message

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We taste a lof of wines every season, to present you with a collection of the best quality and value available.

Details from the tasting are included in wine details, and are used as the basis for our suggestions.

The tools offered here are designed to help anyone who enjoys wine in finding wines for any occasion.

Please give them a try, and let us know what you liked, and how we can improve this experience. 

I’m here to help, so please get in touch.

Contact me for help with finding, pairing, ordering, sending, or enjoying our wines.