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Adir AAdir A is a Shiraz based blend. The shiraz flavors definitely come through intensely, while the other grapes give extra depth. Winery: Adir Vintage: 2016 …110.00
dry-redadir-winerycabernet-franc petite-sirah shiraz syrah
Adir Cabernet SauvignonThis is an intense, rich wine. This is a great example of the quality Cabernet Sauvignon produced in the Galil. Tannic and powerful and …85.00
Backoushe Semillon The TailorWinery: Backoushe Vintage: 2017 Grape Varietal(s): Semillon Color: White Dryness: Dry ABV: 12.7% Size: 750ml Kosher Certification: Favorite100.00
Binyamina GewurztraminerBinyamina Gewurztraminer – Being on the drier side of the semi-dry scale, this wine has bright acidity that really makes this both an an …38.00
Binyamina Hamoshava ShirazBinyamina Hamoshava Shiraz is a light and fruity easy drinking Shiraz. This wine is great value for money and a great wine for a …38.00
dry-redbinyaminashiraz syrah
Binyamina Meirav VineyardBinyamina Meirav Vineyard is made to represent the vineyard it was grown in the Gilboa. The interesting blend of Marselan, Petite Sirah and Syrah …125.00
dry-redbinyaminamarselan petite-sirah syrah
Binyamina Reserve Cabernet SauvignonBinyamina Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is a wonderful fruit forward Cabernet Sauvignon. The richness of fruit and the intensity of flavors makes this a great …59.00
Binyamina Reserve MarselanBinyamina Reserve Marselan is a fun wine. It has a graceful balance between fruitiness and power that makes it appropriate and enjoyable in almost …59.00
Binyamina Reserve ShirazBinyamina Reserve Shiraz – The Shiraz for this wine comes from the northern Galilee and the southern Golan Heights. It’s deep and layered and …59.00
Binyamina YahalomBinyamina Yahalom is a classic blend relying heavily on Cabernet Sauvignon giving a smooth, rich and familiarly flavored wine. Winery: Binyamina Vintage: 2016 Grape Varietal(s): …89.00
dry-redbinyaminacabernet-sauvignon merlot petit-verdot syrah
Castel Razi'el BlendCastel Razi’el Blend is a new and experimental winery created by the well known Castel winery. This red blend was created using the grape …180.00
dry-redcastelcarignan syrah
Chateau Remo Grand BlendChateau Remo Grand Blend – This wine’s aromas are of deep red fruit with plenty of spice. The flavors deep and rich while retaining …110.00
dry-redchateau-remocabernet-sauvignon petit-verdot
Chateau Remo Hosen BlendChateau Remo Hosen Blend – While being a very classic blend, this wine is very lively and has concentrated intense flavors. Winery: Chateau Remo Vintage: …87.00
dry-redchateau-remocabernet-sauvignon petit-verdot shiraz
Chateau Remo Reserve Cabernet SauvignonChateau Remo Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is a beautiful expression of Cabernet Sauvignon – rich fruity and concentrated with a fantastic dark chocolate finish. Winery: Chateau …130.00
Chevel Yehuda Nachshon ReserveChevel Yehuda Nachshon Reserve is a special blend, created from three classic grape varieties, all grown in Vineyards in the Samarian Mountains. This blend …155.00
dry-redchevel-yehudacabernet-sauvignon merlot petit-verdot
Dadah Cabernet Franc SyrahDadah Cabernet Franc Syrah is a great and unique blend. The Cabernet Franc really comes through with intensity and the Syrah adds an edge. …110.00
dry-reddadahcabernet-franc syrah
Dadah Merlot SyrahDadah Merlot Syrah is a unique blend – smooth and rich yet, funky at the same time. Dark purple color with lots of black …110.00
dry-reddadahmerlot syrah
Domaine Netofa RedDomaine Netofa Red is a balanced and fruity blend of Syrah rounded with grenache and mourvedre. This wine is fun and can serve as …60.00
dry-rednetofagrenache mourvedre syrah
Eviatar Vineyard SyrahEviatar Vineyard Syrah makes Syrah lovers rejoice. This wine is rich with fruit flavors and wonderfully opulent, perfect for winter weather and all the …100.00
dry-redeviatargrenache syrah viognier
Eviatar Vineyard TeimaEviatar Vineyard Teima is really a wine that invites you to drink it slowly and examine it as it unravels its layers. This is …115.00
dry-redeviatarcabernet-sauvignon malbec merlot
Flam Noble 2014Winery: Flam Vintage: 2014 Grape Varietal(s): 71% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Merlot, 6% Syrah, 5% Petit Verdot Color: Red Dryness: Dry ABV: 14.5% Size: 750ml Kosher Certification: Favorite420.00
dry-redflamcabernet-sauvignon merlot petit-verdot syrah
Galil Mountain EllaGalil Mountain Ella 2016 presents a different wine to what we’re used to. While still richly fruity, the fruit here is darker and this wine …58.00
dry-redgalil-mountainbarbera cabernet-sauvignon
Galil Mountain GrenacheGalil Mountain Grenache is grown in the upper Galilee in the Yiron Vineyard. This wine truly expresses the unique characteristics of the Grenache full …75.00
Galil Mountain RoseGalil Mountain Rose – Smell this wine and you will immediately be in love. Fresh smells of strawberries and citrus fruit followed by bright …38.00
dry-rosegalil-mountaingrenache sangiovese syrah
Galil Mountain White BlendGalil Mountain White Blend is really sharp and refreshing and is guaranteed to make your summer happy. It has a high acidity so it …38.00
dry-whitegalil-mountainsauvignon-blanc viognier
Gilad MourvedreGilad Mourvedre – With its lightly pigmented red color, yet warm flavors- spicy, almost slightly salty, this Mourvedre by Gilad is an intriguing and …85.00
Golan Heights Allone Habashan VineyardGolan Heights Allone Habashan Vineyard Vintage: 2016 Grape Varietal(s): 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Syrah, 32% Merlot Color: Red Dryness: Dry ABV: 15% Size: 750ml Kosher …280.00
dry-redgolan-heightscabernet-sauvignon merlot syrah
Golan Heights Merlot Allone Habashan VineyardGolan Heights Merlot Allone Habashan Vineyard is a full-bodied, complex, and flavorful wine. Aromas of ripe red and black fruits, flowers, spice, tobacco, orange …200.00
Golan Heights Yarden Blanc de BlancsGolan Heights Yarden Blanc de Blancs is consistently one of the Israel’s more interesting sparkling wines. Yarden Blanc de Blancs Ramat Hagolan displays complex …135.00
Golan Heights Yarden Blanc de Blancs 2007 (Late Disgorged)Golan Heights Yarden Blanc de Blancs 2007 (Late Disgorged) features complex yet delicate aromas of lemon, flower, mineral, green pear and green apple, along …320.00
Golan Heights Yarden ChardonnayGolan Heights Yarden Chardonnay is a rich deep chardonnay. For lovers of the California style heavily oaked Chardonnay this wine gives exceptional value for …70.00
Gush Etzion Blessed Valley ChardonnayGush Etzion Blessed Valley Chardonnay is part of the winery’s flagship series. In addition to the classic oaked Chardonnay characteristics, it has a nice …120.00
Gush Etzion Cabernet FrancGush Etzion Cabernet Franc has long been recognized as a consistently great example of this grape. This wine offers a beautifully balanced example of …129.00
Gush Etzion GewurtzraminerGush Etzion Gewurtzraminer is a fun and fresh and highly aromatic wine. While being semi dry, it’s on the drier side of the semi …65.00
Gush Etzion Lone Oak ChardonnayGush Etzion Lone Oak Chardonnay is a gem of a Chardonnay. Grown high in the Judean mountains, its fresh and bright with a noticeable …65.00
Gush Etzion Lone Oak Tree ViognierGush Etzion Lone Oak Tree Viognier is made from grapes grown high in the Judean mountains. It has wonderfully floral aromas with fruity floral …65.00
Gush Etzion Spring River GSMGush Etzion Spring River GSM is a beautiful blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre, all from vineyards in Gush Etzion. The Grenache leads the …80.00
dry-redgush-etziongrenache gsm mourvedre syrah
Gvaot Cabernet FrancGvaot Cabernet Franc is a fascinating Cabernet Franc. It’s varietally unique, rich and layered. The aromas give both plenty of fruit and herbal notes. …160.00
Gvaot Cabernet SauvignonGvaot Cabernet Sauvignon is a well known blend slowly being recognized as an industry standard. This years Vintage produced a complex and balanced wine …100.00
dry-redgvaotcabernet-sauvignon petit-verdot
Gvaot Chardonnay Cabernet SauvignonGvaot Chardonnay Cabernet Sauvignon is a unique wine. It’s made of Chardonnay with a little bit of Cabernet Sauvignon that was pressed immediately upon …110.00
dry-whitegvaotcabernet-sauvignon chardonnay
Gvaot MerlotGvaot Merlot – Like other Merlots from the northern Shomron, this Merlot is quite full bodied and intense. After a while of being open, …100.00
dry-redgvaotmerlot petit-verdot
Gvaot NaveGvaot Nave is a fun and boisterous wine made with a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot. This has the familiar Bordeaux …85.00
dry-redgvaotcabernet-sauvignon merlot petit-verdot
Gvaot Petit VerdotGvaot Petit Verdot is an Iron fist in a velvet glove. This wine is full of luscious but not sweet fruits. This wine is …160.00
Gvaot Pinot NoirGvaot Pinot Noir is a wonderful specimen of Israeli Pinot Noir. We get a surprising mix of flavors that range from earthy notes to …160.00
Gvaot Vineyards DanceGvaot Vineyards Dance – this well known blend produced by Gvaot is slowly being recognized as an industry standard. This years Vintage produced a …100.00
dry-redgvaotcabernet-sauvignon merlot petit-verdot
Haroe Petit Verdot - Petite SirahHaroe Petit Verdot – Petite Sirah is a full bodied bold and rich wine. By blending these two thick skinned grapes we have deep …125.00
dry-redharoepetit-verdot petite-sirah
Hayotzer BarberaHayotzer Barbera offers a special wine experience. Barbera is a relatively uncommon variety in Israel. Hayotzer did us a service by making such an …58.00
Jerusalem Wineries Special Reserve 2014Jerusalem Wineries Special Reserve 2014 The grapes for this wine were sourced from vineyards in Ella Valley. The wine has a deep and dominant …160.00
dry-redjerusalemmerlot petit-verdot
Kishor Bordeaux BlendKishor Bordeaux Blend – Kishor winery is a winery that combines amazing wines with amazing work for people with special needs. They grow their …140.00
dry-redkishorcabernet-franc cabernet-sauvignon merlot
Kishor Cabernet FrancKishor Cabernet Franc is full of deep dark fruit flavors with a hint of green peppers freshening the experience. The grapes for this Cabernet …95.00
Kishor Misgav GSMKishor Misgav GSM (Grenache, Syrah & Mourvedre) blend is fruity yet subtle and very dry. Kishor winery is a winery that combines amazing wines …90.00
dry-redkishorgrenache mourvedre syrah
Kishor Red BlendKishor Red Blend offers an enticing, rich aroma of rich purple fruit, slightly emboldened by hints of mint in the background. It drinks beautifully …85.00
dry-redkishorcabernet-franc cabernet-sauvignon merlot petit-verdot
Kishor Semi Sweet RieslingKishor Semi Sweet Riesling has a gentle sweetness, along with citrus fruit flavors and good acidity to keep it refreshing and bright. This is …85.00
Kishor SyrahKishor Syrah typifies the softer side of this grape, with the bright red fruit aromas and a hint of smoky spice to round it …90.00
Lahat LaichterLahat Laichter is a unique blend of Roussane, Grenache Blanc and Marselanne, this wine is concentrated, crisp and fantastically aromatic. Winery: Itay Lahat Vintage: …135.00
dry-whitelahatgrenache-blanc marsanne viognier
Lahat White BlendLahat White Blend is a fantastic and unique blend inspired by wines of the Northern Rhone. It is both deep and concentrated yet bright …110.00
dry-whitelahatroussanne sauvignon-blanc viognier
Lueria RossoLueria Rosso is a super smooth, yet rich wine made by the Leuria Winery in the upper Galilee, right next to Meron Mountain. It’s …90.00
dry-redlueriabarbera cabernet-sauvignon sangiovese syrah
Mony CarignanMony Carignan is made of 100 percent Carignan grown in the Judean Hills around the winery. It has bright and fruity flavors and is …55.00
Mony Chardonnay SemillonMony Chardonnay Semillon is a semi-dry, wonderful, summery, and fresh wine. The wine is both sweet and fresh. The grapes for this wine come …39.00
semi-dry-whitemonychardonnay semillon
Mony ColombardMony Colombard is both citrusy and fresh, with a dry depth some may describe as minerality. Not many wineries in Israel make a varietal …39.00
Mony Petit VerdotMony Petit Verdot is rich, layered, and surprisingly deep for a wine of this price. This wine is made of 100 percent Petit Verdot …55.00
Mony RoseMony Rose is a rich and scented rose. Dominant strawberry notes, coupled with hints of peach but given some backbone by citrus flavors, This …38.00
Nana TethysNana Tethys is the first Kosher red wine released by Nana Winery in Mitzpe Ramon. The Tethys is a powerful layered wine exemplifying the …120.00
dry-rednanacabernet-sauvignon petit-verdot petite-sirah syrah
Netofa Latour RedNetofa Latour Red is a rich and layered blend of Syrah and Mourvedre aged for 13 months in oak barrels. Watch for the fruity …100.00
dry-rednetofamourvedre syrah
Netofa Latour WhiteNetofa Latour White is a great example of the positive effects of oak barrel use on a white wine. This wine is both fresh …100.00
Netofa LBV Fortified WineNetofa LBV Fortified Wine is a wonderfully deep fortified wine. Made utilizing the same grapes as traditional port wines. This wine really exemplifies how …320.00
fortifiednetofatinto-roriz touriga-nacional
Netofa Tel Quasser WhiteNetofa Tel Quasser White is a really full and rich white wine. It balances both rich fruit flavors with fresh elements as well, and …135.00
Or Haganuz Amuka Cabernet SauvignonOr Haganuz Amuka Cabernet Sauvignon is rich, fruity and a drop peppery, delivering everything you’ve come to enjoy in a Cabernet Sauvignon and delivers …58.00
Or Haganuz Amuka ShirazOr Haganuz Amuka Shiraz is a lighter and brighter expression of Shiraz. Aromas are of fruit and coffee and the flavor follows through with …58.00
Or Haganuz Eilima Sulfite FreeOr Haganuz Eilima Sulfite Free is a rich, full bodied blend made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. For those of you who have …95.00
Ouriel SyrahOuriel Syrah is a wonderfully elegant Syrah, it’s fruity notes and well rounded flavors make it a versatile pairing wine, easy to enjoy with …85.00
dry-redourielshiraz syrah
Pasco Lewis BDXPasco Lewis BDX is a rich, fruity, and intense wine with earthy and spicy notes acquired by aging in French oak barrels. This wine …95.00
dry-redlewis-pascocabernet-franc cabernet-sauvignon merlot petit-verdot
Ramat Negev Kadesh Barnea BlendRamat Negev Kadesh Barnea Blend is an intensely flavored blend with pronounced acidity and along finish. A great pairing for fatty and rich meals … 50.00
dry-redramat-negevcabernet-franc cabernet-sauvignon syrah
Ramat Negev Kadesh Barnea Cabernet SauvignonRamat Negev Kadesh Barnea Cabernet Sauvignon is a solid classic Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is a medium bodied buy with very lively flavors is …59.00
Ramat Negev Kadesh Barnea GewurztraminerRamat Negev Kadesh Barnea Gewurztraminer is light bodied, carrying aromas of citrus bloom and ripe tropical fruit. It provides a balanced finish with a …59.00
Ramat Negev Kadesh Barnea MalbecRamat Negev Kadesh Barnea Malbec is a beautifully aromatic, gentle, fruity Malbec from the desert vineyards of Kadesh Barnea. These qualities make it very …59.00
Ramat Negev Neve Midbar WhiteRamat Negev Neve Midbar White has scents of tropical fruit, a pleasant aftertaste, and is dry with a pleasant acidity. Winery: Ramat Negev Vintage: …75.00
dry-whiteramat-negevchardonnay chenin-blanc
Ramat Negev Pinot GrisRamat Negev Pinot Gris is wonderfully fresh yet has mineral depth. This wine was grown at the foot of Mitzpe Ramon, and is the …75.00
Ramat Negev Ramon MalbecRamat Negev Ramon Malbec is deep and intensely concentrated. Mitspe Ramon, with an elevation of close to 1,000 meters above sea level in the …150.00
Ramat Negev Ramon Petit VerdotRamat Negev Ramon Petit Verdot is full bodied and has a distinctive set of flavors that this grape has to offer. The grapes are …119.00
Ramat Negev The Southern PortRamat Negev The Southern Port is a highly concentrated, sweet red wine to perfectly warm your winter. The grapes for this wine are harvested …120.00
dessertramat-negevcabernet-sauvignon shiraz
Recanati BittuniRecanati Bittuni is part of a historical revolution in winemaking trends in Israel. Bittuni is an indigenous grape varietal only recently used to make …110.00
Recanati French BlendRecanati French Blend is a fantastically fresh semi dry white. It holds the perfect balance of bright citrus acidity while having a drop of …70.00
semi-dry-whiterecanatibarbera cabernet-sauvignon sangiovese syrah
Recanati Gris de MarselanRecanati Gris de Marselan is a particularly elegant and refined wine, with a very clear hue and a personality in between Rosé and White. …93.00
dry-white dry-roserecanatimarselan
Shiran ChardonnayShiran Chardonnay’s aromas are endless. It has intense, tropical aromas that follow through on the flavors. Winery: Shiran Vintage: 2018 Grape Varietal(s): Chardonnay Color: White Dryness: …110.00
Shiran Petit VerdotShiran Petit Verdot is rich, bold and once it opens up, packed with layers of flavors. Eli Shiran, the winemaker generally makes red blends. …145.00
Shiran SemillonShiran Semillon combines both freshness and a minerality that give depth to this experience. As with many of Shiran Winery’s white wines, this Semillon …110.00
Shiran The TrioShiran The Trio is a rich deep purple/red color with floral aromas and tastes of dark berries and chocolate. This is a complex wine …120.00
dry-redshirancarignan petit-verdot petite-sirah
Shiran ViognierShiran Viognier is a highly aromatic Viognier, bursting with aromas of fresh pear and citrus fruits that follow deliciously on the palate. Winery: Shiran Vintage: …110.00
Shorr Estate MarselanShorr Estate Marselan is bold, full bodied and unique. It has dark fruit flavors layered with dark chocolate and coffee. It delivers fantastic value …55.00
Tabernacle LeviteTabernacle Levite combines a rich, soft Merlot with ripe and peppery Syrah for a medium/full bodied wine with soft tannins and a long finish …100.00
dry-redtabernaclemerlot syrah
Tabernacle SyrahTabernacle Syrah is a full-bodied wine tasting of dark red fruit with notes of anise and licorice. This wine pairs well with grilled steaks …100.00
Tabor Eco RedTabor Eco is a classic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc. Together they create a lovely blend, highly rich in flavor, …85.00
dry-redtaborcabernet-franc cabernet-sauvignon merlot syrah
Tabor RoussanneTabor Roussanne is gentle and fresh. The grapes that come from the Golan Heights provide a  harmonious wine abundant with tropical and citrus fruit …58.00
Tabor Single Vineyard MarselanTabor Single Vineyard Marselan boasts very intense fruit flavors coated with great prominent tannins. In a valley where the morning mists like to hang …125.00
Tabor Single Vineyard TannatTabor Single Vineyard Tannat is exactly the definition of a “big” wine. Dense and dark in color with extremely full flavors to match. To …140.00
Tulip Cabernet SauvignonTulip Cabernet Sauvignon is an easy tasteful and pleasant Cabernet Sauvignon. Tulip Winery provides a combined equal working platform for special needs adults. Winery: …75.00
dry-redtulipcabernet-sauvignon carignan viognier
Tulip MerlotTulip Merlot is an easy tasteful and pleasant Merlot produced at a winery that provides a combined equal working platform for special needs adults. …75.00
dry-redtulipcarignan merlot viognier
Tulip Syrah ReserveTulip Syrah Reserve is intensely flavored new world Syrah. It has layers of fruit flavors complemented with some spice to make it an even …108.00
Tura Cabernet SauvignonTura Cabernet Sauvignon is full bodied and rich with a drop of spiciness to give it that extra edge. Coming from a vineyard high …129.00
Tura MerlotTura Merlot is an impressively layered and expressive Merlot.  It’s full bodied and has flavors that develop more and more as it opens up. …129.00
Tura Pinot NoirTura Pinot Noir is a lighter wine with lots of bright fruit flavors, yet gives a layered experience and depth. This Pinot Noir is …89.00
Tzuba ChardonnayTzuba Chardonnay is a an exemplary classic, full bodied Chardonnay. This wine was aged SurLie (aged in the barrels with the yeast in) giving …89.00
Tzuba MerlotTzuba Merlot offers rich fruity aromas that follow through beautifully on the palate. It’s a well constructed wine that offers depth and freshness. Winery: …80.00
Tzuba MetsudaTzuba Metsuda is Cabernet Sauvignon based and offers rich and intense flavors that would be a great accompaniment to a rich meal. Tzuba winery …125.00
Vitkin Dry GewurztraminerVitkin Dry Gewurztraminer is absolutely fabulous. You can literally smell it all day. It has wonderfully fresh tropical fruit smells. The taste, while dry …89.00
Vitkin Pinot NoirVitkin Pinot Noir is a remarkable Pinot Noir with a wonderful aroma and a large range of flavors varying between crispy minerality to a …96.00
Vitkin RieslingVitkin Riesling is very dry and fresh. Vitkin have been leading the way for Riesling producers in Israel for a while. Winery: Vitkin Vintage: 2017 …85.00
Yaacov Oryah Chenin BlancYaacov Oryah Chenin Blanc has intense aromas and flavors that gives both the freshness of the fruit and a deep minerality. Part of the …135.00
Yaacov Oryah GewurtzraminerYaacov Oryah Gewurtzraminer is part of the Alpha Omega Series. Skin maceration has made this wine extremely and uniquely aromatic. The flavors continue and …145.00
Yaacov Oryah The Old MusketeerYaacov Oryah The Old Musketeer is a sweet wine, created using the Solera method over 8 years. It is unbelievably complex and layered. Very …280.00
dessertyaacov-oryahchardonnay muscat-of-alexandria
Yatir Petit VerdotYatir Petit Verdot is grown in the Yatir forest in the northern part of the Negev. After waiting for a lengthy period before being …140.00
dry-redyatircabernet-sauvignon petit-verdot
Zimrat Hakerem White BlendZimrat Hakerem White Blend is a unique blend made at Gush Etzion winery. The Gewurtzraminer leads the way on this wine giving the wine …67.00
semi-dry-whitegush-etzionchardonnay gewurztraminer sauvignon-blanc viognier
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