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Chenin Blanc is a variety that is growing in popularity in Israel. Traditionally associated with the Loire Valley or South Africa, is now found grown all around Israel, with notable results all around the country, most interestingly, the Negev. So far in Israel, the more interesting ones have full flavors, some noticeable minerality and often citrusy notes to finish.

The wines in this list are examples from a range of wineries, with some single-variety examples, and some blends.

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Dry Rose Caladoc ABV 13.0% tastes of fresh fruit with refreshing acidity, and an elegant finish.

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Dry Rose Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc ABV: 12.5% Light and fresh, with pleasant tartness and a soft finish.

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Dry Rose Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Marselan ABV: 11.5% Rich pink color, refreshing taste and acidity, aromatic with some spice.

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1848 2nd Generation Rose
1848 2nd Generation Rose
Dry Rose Grenache ABV: 12.0% Fruity, refreshing, crisp flavors, with gentle acidity, and a long finish.

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