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Get to know some new grape varieties, blends, styles, regions, and wineries. These wines are selected with care to highlight characteristics so you can compare them and find new taste experiences to enjoy.

The wines in this list are examples from a range of wineries, with some single-variety examples, and some blends.

Short descriptions accompany each wine.

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Rose season is upon us!

Rosé is a fascinating wine style – a wine that comes from red grapes, but gives us the experience of a white wine by being cold and refreshing. For those who already love and know, here are some wonderful wines from the vintage this summer. For those who think that rose wines aren’t quite their speed, we believe that these wines may change your mind and open a door to another world of pleasure.

Dry Rose Syrah, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Barbera, Grenache ABV: 11.0% Delicate and fresh with aromas of fresh fruit including citrus fruits.

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Dry Rose Caladoc ABV 12.0% Fresh aromas and very rich tastes of strawberries, raspberries and citrus fruits.

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Dry Rose Grenache ABV: 12.5% Aromas of stone fruit with tropical taste notes, and a refreshing citrusy finish with balanced acidity.

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Dry Rose Cabernet Sauvignon ABV: 11.5% Delicate aromas of strawberries and citrus flowers, with red fruit tastes and a pleasant citrus finish.

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