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Explorer Bundle

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Dry Riesling?

This selection of highly aromatic and tasty dry Rieslings includes a variety of intensely pleasing experiences to enjoy.

Dry White Riesling ABV: 12.0% Tart and pleasant, with great acidity and pleasant minerality. Heter Mechira

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Dry White Riesling ABV: 12.0% Fruity and spicy aromas, tastes of apples, stone fruits, and citrus, with a nicely balanced finish.

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Dry White Riesling ABV: 13.5% Rich in fruit flavors with great acidity and a touch of petroleum elements.

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Semi-Dry White Riesling ABV: 12.0% Rich with fruit aromas and tastes, and refreshing tart acidity. This is a unique wine of exceptional character.

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Dry White Riesling ABV: 11.0% Rich and fascinating floral scent, with excellent acidity that adds to the floral and classic petrol character of Riesling.

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