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Hollander Grapefruit & Hops Liqueur

Where Citrus Meets Bitterness in Perfect Harmony

Craving a liqueur that’s both refreshingly zesty and intriguingly complex? Look no further than Hollander Grapefruit & Hops Liqueur. This innovative spirit combines the vibrant tang of red grapefruit with the subtle bitterness of hops, creating a unique flavor profile that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.


  • Sun-kissed grapefruit bursts onto the palate, its tartness balanced by the earthy, floral notes of hops.
  • A touch of natural sweetness rounds out the experience, making this liqueur both invigorating and smooth.
  • Versatility at its finest: enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or use it to craft innovative cocktails with a citrusy twist.

Crafted with meticulous care by the Hollander Distillery in Jerusalem, this liqueur uses natural distillation and real ingredients for an authentic and delicious flavor. Whether you’re seeking a unique aperitif or a refreshing after-dinner treat, Hollander Grapefruit & Hops Liqueur is a delightful adventure for your senses.

Discover a world of flavor possibilities with this unique citrus and hops blend.

500 ML – Kosher Rabbanut Mateh Yehuda


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