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Meshek Achiya Ethiopian Tehina

Meshek Achiya Ethiopian Tehina is real, tasty, and high-quality tahina that is the winner in a blind tasting the well-known tahina brands in Israel. The Meshek Achiya Ethiopian Tehina is a clean raw tehina, made of 100% Ethiopian sesame seeds from a hard variety that is considered the highest quality thanks to the land where it grows.

The sesame is roasted and ground immediately after picking to preserve the nutritional values and prevent oxidation. From the millstones that grind the sesame, a flow of warm and fresh tahini falls directly into jars without human contact, and the resulting tehina is natural and pure and without preservatives or additives.

The secret to the taste of our tehina is in the quality of the sesame and the roasting temperature. Raw tehina is excellent for cooking and baking, as well as for making homemade tehina sauce, hummus salad, and halvah spread. It is very rich in protein, calcium, minerals and unsaturated fat, recommended for health and pleasant to the taste buds on the tongue.

380 grams per jar.

Kosher l’Mehadrin under the supervision of HaRav Landau of Bnei Brak