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Meshek Achiya Picual Olive Oil

Meshek Achiya Picual Olive Oil is an excellent virgin olive oil characterized by a wonderful fruity aroma and fresh flavors of green olives, produced from the Picual variety grown in the Meshek Achiya groves. Picual oil has a delicate and unique herbaceous taste that adds a twist to every dish, a gentle bitterness and low acidity, which is why it is suitable for seasoning fresh salads, cheeses and Mediterranean dishes. The outstanding feature of Picual olive oil is its perfect compatibility for frying. The Picual variety contains a high percentage of antioxidants and oleic acid, and has a very low pyroxoid level. Thanks to these two advantages, it is resistant to decomposition in heat, which is why it is the most recommended for frying and cooking.

The origin of the Picual olive is in Andalusia in Spain. It is considered of the highest quality due to its extremely low acidity and high stability, and its antioxidants keep you healthy. It is a particularly stable oil, which retains its taste and properties even during prolonged storage.

Excellent virgin olive oil, maximum acidity up to 0.5%, without any additives and without preservatives. 1 Liter bottle.

Certified kosher under the supervision of Rabanut Mate Binyamin – Heter Mechira