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Meshek Achiya Syrian Olive Oil

Meshek Achiya Syrian Olive Oil is an excellent choice for people who like authentic and strong olive oil. The oil is extracted from Syrian olives growing in the plantation of Ahya’s farm in the Shiloh Valley, at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level.

Syrian olive oil is the perfect match for hummus, white bread, salads and foods in which you want to feel the olive oil well. It is even suitable for desserts. The oil is also resistant to frying and is very suitable for baking and long-cooking foods, to which it contributes excellent aromas.

The Syrian olive oil is rich in a green fruity aroma, it is endowed with dominant flavors of green apple and almonds and is considered to have moderate levels of pungency and bitterness. The oil is rich in phenols (natural flavors) and oleic acid, which makes it a healthy oil due to the fact that it contains a large amount of antioxidants.

The Syrian variety, which comes from Tyre in Lebanon (and not from Syria, as many tend to think), has been growing in Israel for thousands of years. Apparently this is the oldest variety of olives in the world and the most common in Israel. Its resistance to dry climate conditions makes the Syrian variety particularly suitable for growing in the Middle East, and miraculously, and although it does not need a lot of water, it is among the group of varieties with the highest oil content in the fruit!

The process of harvesting the olives begins at the beginning of October when half of the olives are still green. Like all the olive oils of Meshek Achiya, Syrian olive oil is also produced from olives that are carefully selected and become a pure oil in a cold pressing process that preserves its taste, aroma and natural color.

Excellent virgin olive oil, maximum acidity up to 0.5%, without any additives and without preservatives. 1 Liter bottle.

Certified kosher under the supervision of Rabanut Mate Binyamin – Heter Mechira