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Negohot Citrus Blossom Honey

Negohot Citrus blossom honey, from the renowned producer of quality honey, is 100% pure honey with wonderful taste and aromas that come from citrus blossoms.

Bees in hives located adjacent citrus groves collect nectar from the flowers and make this wonderful honey. No industrial sugars are fed to the bees, so the honey is 100% pure. The natural variety of blossoms from various trees, each with their own particular nectar, is reflected in the range of tastes and scents of the honey. Hives placed in different locations produce honey that varies in color and flavor, with all of the citrus blossom honey having a light and delicate taste.

Negohot is known for their classic honey production, and this 100% pure premium honey from Eucalyptus blossoms is superb. Unheated to preserve nutritional value and rich taste. This honey is of exceptional quality, with a high nutritional value and a wonderful and deep taste, influenced by the nature of the flowers.

Produced by bees fed no industrial sugar, housed in beehives located adjacent the Eucalyptus groves. Different flowers secrete different nectar, and  the variety of blossoms in nature is also expressed in honey as a variety of tastes, colors, textures and aromas. The bees collect nectar from the abundance of eucalyptus flowers around them, and a characteristic honey with a wonderful and deep taste is the result.

Unheated to preserve the naturally-occurring nutrients, aromas, and flavors, this citrus blossom honey is delicious in cooking and baking, beverages, and when added to granola, yogurt, and many other dishes.

500 grams per jar.

Kosher l’Mehadrin for Passover and year-round under the supervision of Rabbi Moshe Cohen from Har Hebron.