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Vacu Vin Cork Puller

The Vacu Vin Cork Puller is an elegant cork extractor. Corks from older bottles of wine or aging wines may get brittle over time. Using a bottle opener with a wired corkscrew can damage the cork even more, which might result in the bottle not being able to be opened at all.

The Cork Puller is the perfect instrument to remove these damaged or brittle corks neatly. After removing the foil or wax from the bottle, gently insert the extended prong between the cork and the bottleneck. While moving downwards, insert the shorter prong until both prongs are fully inserted. A gentle wiggle motion might be needed to help insert the Cork Puller. Once the prongs are secured between the cork and the glass, extract the cork by pulling in a rotating motion.

The Cork Puller’s 2-in-1 design allows you to open crown capped bottles such as soft drinks and beer. Its stainless steel handle and non-stick prongs make the Cork Puller a durable product, suitable for prolonged use. The Cork Puller is dishwasher safe and comes with a protective case for safe storage.

Vacu Vin Cork Puller Instructions