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Dry Red Cabernet Franc ABV: 12.5% Very lively aromas of blue fruit with a little spice. The taste is fresh, fruity and spirited.

In stock

Dry White Grenache, Colombard, Sauvignon Blanc ABV: 12.0% Intense tropical and citrus aromas and a lively taste with a noticeable acidity.

In stock

Dry Red Cabernet Franc, Shiraz ABV: 14.0% Full and rich with great intensity and depth.

In stock

Dry Red Blend ABV: 14.5% Refreshing wine with a delicate and fruity body.

In stock

Dry Rose Merlot ABV: 12.0% Lots of citrus and red fruit aromas and tastes, with refreshing mild tartness.

In stock

Dry Red Syrah, Lefkada, Carignan ABV: 14.0% Medium-bodied, with aromas and tastes of fresh red fruit.

In stock

Dry White Sauvignon Blanc ABV: 12.0% Rich tropical aromas, and tropical tastes with excellent acidity that emphasizes the richness of the flavors.

In stock

Dry Rose Syrah, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Barbera, Grenache ABV: 11.0% Delicate and fresh with aromas of fresh fruit including citrus fruits.

In stock


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